1 Million Young Adults Are Leaving the Faith Every Year!

Even before the global pandemic, indications pointed to a steep decline in engagement with Christianity among younger generations. A trend that has unfortunately been accelerated by the pandemic.

NXT Move is a global collaboration of leaders and influencers committed to seeing this trend turn around. We trust God to initiate a global awakening to Jesus and make disciples among the next generation. 

To this end, we are facilitating the Not-on-Our-Watch (NOW) conversations. We believe the current global condition of Christianity is poised for either the darkest age of the Church in a thousand years or a great revival. Collectively, as a generation of leaders, we have resolved to pray and work together for the latter. Raising the sails and trusting God to blow in it.

10 Regional teams meet around the world and virtually to discuss what they can bring to the table and also what the would want to learn from the rest of the world. These Groups representing every region of the world will discuss their findings and what it could mean for answering: Why are we losing a generation? And, what will we do about it?